Does anyone actually eat healthy food on Super Bowl Sunday?

Does anyone actually eat healthy food on Super Bowl Sunday?

Does anyone actually eat healthy food on Super Bowl Sunday?

It’s all snacks for me.

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I do. Why wouldn’t you?

hell no. where’s the pizza?

as a matter of fact i just got done grilling my chicken that i’m bringing to the superbowl party. everyone else gets to eat all this great junk and i’ll be eating my grilled chicken salad. screw you diet!!! i hate you!!!

I had oatmeal for breakfast, and a salad for lunch . . . but I have a hunch that by the time the party starts at kickoff, I will be eating some fatty and salty snacks.

Going for a balance, I guess.

I do. I buy fat free ice cream, or lean steak and chicken. Pretzels aren’t bad for you either

Yes, but I’m not exactly having a superbowl party or anything.

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